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EVA Portable Waterproof Beach Bag

EVA Portable Waterproof Beach Bag

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With the popularization of smartphones or tablets, various data cables, earphones, etc. have become the primary reason for the mess in the bag; when you go out, you will bring many trivial things, such as keys, bank cards, and access control cards, scattered randomly in the bag. It is not only messy and difficult to find at critical moments; you will bring a variety of toiletries, cosmetics, and clothing during your trip. Once you have not stored them, opening the box to welcome you may be a mess. Faced with these problems, the best solution is to prepare some suitable storage bags.

Product Information:
Material: EVA
Scope of application: shoes, underwear, CDs, magazines, sanitary napkins, cosmetics, bras, books, medicine, quilts, sundries, clothing, toiletries, dirty clothes, shoes and boots, candy
Color: Red, green, blue, orange, pink, sky blue

Size Information:
M: 38 x 34 x 14CM
L: 48 x 34 x 25CM

Package Content:
Bag x 1

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